EALDFAEDER - Shield Wall


Each member will receive at least two exclusive newsletters via e-mail each year, with articles, photographs and up to date news on where we will be appearing, and what we are doing. There will also be prize competitions for members. You can also wear the special Ealdfaeder sticker badge with pride, to show your support of what we do. It will be given to you free when you attend one of our events. To join, simply send an e-mail to <gippeswic@btinternet.com> telling us your name. You will get a confirmation of membership within 7 days. We will keep your details private, and will not pass them to anyone else. There are no restrictions of age or location to membership

Welcome to your very own supporters club for Ealdfaeder. It is free to join!

The shield wall was the formation that Dark Age warriors made to defend themselves, and their individual shields interlocked to show how they were united in a common cause.