EALDFAEDER - What People Say About Ealdfaeder

West Stow, Healing Arts Weekend 26-28/05/2018
  • We had fun and a great day for my Daddy’s birthday!
  • Interesting and enjoyable for all ages
  • Brilliant...we will be back!
  • Absolutely amazing!
  • Found out lots...had fun!
  • Sax-tastic!
  • Brilliant... informative conversations with the passionate Anglo-Saxons!
  • The re-enactors answered endless questions patiently and with enthusiasm
  • I loved the amazing people.
  • I thought it was brilliant
  • So much interest and information from re-enactors.
  • Re-enactors are brilliant, so knowledgeable and engaging.
  • Great fun, much enjoyed!
  • 4-5 year old kids really enjoyed it.
West Stow, Anglo-Saxon Games & Viking Pastimes, 15-17/04/2017
  • Loved every minute!
  • The best experience of my life!
  • Met the Oak King. They are really friendly people. Long live Odin!
  • Fascinating well-informed Anglo-Saxon people. We all learned so much. Thank you!
  • This is a must see.
  • Cracking good day...much enjoyed.
  • I learned loads today. It is surprising how similar the Anglo-Saxons were to now a days.
Longthorpe School, Peterborough 25/11/2016:
  • We really enjoyed building on our knowledge about Anglo Saxons and the children went home in high spirits after working with you!
Letter from Alan Pennie of Colchester June 2016:
  • Recently at Sutton Hoo I was impressed by the Saxon re-enactors of your group. Costumes and artefacts in abundance, and more so the wealth of information they gave me on any Saxon related point I raised – so impressed. I told the Sutton Hoo office of my opinion.
National Trust, Sutton Hoo, Dragon Quest 6/5/2014:
  • Fabulous day at Sutton Hoo ... our girls enjoyed every activity with Ealdfaeder – come back soon!
National Trust, Sutton Hoo 23/6/2013:
  • Thank you for the great weekend! We had loads of really good feedback so thanks for all the hard work Ealdfaeder put into it.
Cater Museum, Billericay 21/5/2013:
  • You were all just fascinating! Your expertise and knowledge were amazing to our staff and volunteers as well as the public.
Brentwood Gazette 22/5/2013:
  • They’re brilliant, absolutely amazing and the public loved it.
SKIRMISH Living History Magazine, Issue 98, November 2012:
  • EALDFAEDER ANGLO SAXONS are the independent elite, semi resident group of 7th century re-enactors at the notable burial ground of Sutton Hoo, Suffolk and also perform at West Stow and other historic sites, mainly around East Anglia. Although they stun audiences with vicious combat, they are also focussed upon presenting crafts and everyday living.
  • You may remember their experimental archaeology with the spear dance and slave market. (Skirmish 83) They also cook, spin, weave, felt, fletch arrows and compete at archery, produce goods in metal, bone, stone, wood and leather and tell stories. This season, like their King Raedwald, they have erected a Christian and a Heathen altar at their dwelling.
  • Ealdfaeder bring the Dark Ages to life by getting the public involved. Visitors participate by joining in the spear dance, voting in the trial, playing a game, bidding for a slave, having a go at forming a shield wall, weaving tablet braid or making felt objects.
  • See the website www.ealdfaeder.org for more details.
West Stow visitor comments (9+10/06/2012), Justice Theme:
  • The group were wonderful...and they took time to explain everything. Thank you.
  • The group were really great and we all enjoyed our day out.
  • The archery was really good...
Re-enactment specialists Ealdfaeder, EADT 1/5/2012:
Children at Brandeston Hall School, Suffolk (17+18/09/2011):
  • The first thing we did was my favourite. It was throwing the javelin. The spears were real and it was hard to get them on the target because you had to have strong arm and a good aim.
  • The chain mail was so heavy and if you combined it with the helmet, sword and shield it was like holding up a whole wall ...
  • At the camp we learned how to fight with spears. We were shown how to us it in battle and how fast you had to be. The pace was amazing ... I thought the characters in the camp were good, even though they must have been exhausted. It was awesome!
West Stow visitor comments (25+26/05/2011), Crafts of the Anglo Saxons:
  • This was really fun! I want to come back again (Kaleb, aged 10).
  • The Girls had a lovely Saxon birthday party, the re-enactors in the village were the icing on the cake (mum with 3 girls who had a party that day).
  • Hi and thank you from OZ.
  • Great day out for all the family, re-enactors brought life to the village and a smile to the children thank you.
  • We enjoyed the slave market.
  • Group were very informative thank you.
  • Amazed! Kids loved visiting a Museum and want to come back!
  • The spear dance was great.
  • Slave auction was cool wish they still did it could sell my Brother!
  • Wow what a great family day out in a living Museum. Re-enactors were just great!
  • I really enjoyed looking round and doing the things.
  • Never knew so much about Saxon Warriors.
  • This was really fun. I want to come again (Kate, aged 10).
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire (17/4/2011):
  • I feel I'm back in time ... that's phenomenal isn't it?
Skirmish Magazine, Oct 2010:
  • Bringing the Dark Ages to life
The East Anglian Daily Times (16/4/2010):
  • From writing in runes to the Saxon way of warring you are sure to learn loads about our Anglo-Saxon ancestors!